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high-end and interactive science knowledge promotion activities will b▓e carried out.To return the public鈥檚 long-time sup▓port and attention, the main exhibition hall in the A pavili

on of the old CSTM will open to the public for free from June 24 to July 1 and a maximum of 5,000 people can visit the museum each d

ay during this period. People ca▓n obtain tickets from the ticket office in the east gate of the old museum between 8:30am and 3:30pm for that day.Historical reviewZhou Enlai approved the con▓struct

ion of the CSTMThe construction of the CSTM was▓ suspended once because of the construction of the Great Hall of the PeopleThe preparations for the constru▓ction of the CSTM date back to 1950s. In 1958, Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Nie Rongzhe

n approved the cons▓truction of the CSTM, and selected the design by L▓iang Sicheng, a professor at Tsinghua University. H▓owever, the construction was suspended due to the 10 large c▓onstruction projects including that of the Great Hall▓

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of the People.Later, with appeals from scientists including Mao Yisheng and Qian Xuesen, the construction of the CSTM was put back on the agenda.In November 1984▓, the first phase of the CSTM project began; Deng Xiao▓ping autographed the CSTM title

. After nearly four▓ years鈥?intensive construction, the CSTM was officially open to the public in September 1988. Translated ▓by LOTO銆€銆€BEIJING, June 5 (Xinhuanet) -- Tibet ope▓ned its Science and Technology Activity Week on Wednesday i

n Rutok Village, Rutok County, Ngari Prefecture. 銆€銆€During the week, a series of diverse activities will be held, including giving public lectures on the current sc▓ientific and technological development, offering usef▓ul techniques training for far

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mers and herders, etc. 銆€銆€With the theme of "building an innovation-oriented country", th▓e event was designed to make sure the latest achievements in Tibet's science and technology will benefit the local people, including energy conservation, eco-environmental pr▓otection and safety and health protection. 銆€銆€At t▓he inaugural ceremony, the Tibet Regional Science and Tech▓nology Department donated popular science books, sci▓entific app

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